Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Urgh pour homme

As we're starting to share our feelings on training I thought I'd chip in with my tuppance.

After losing fitness and gaining weight, considerably, on the "New York Plan" I've come back freshly determined to make the tarmac my beeatch which due to weather has then become making the exercise bike my beeatch and scaring the nice ladies to venture near that area. I'm currently up to 180 watts over the hour but the bpms on the high side and it tends to tail off dramatically so an enormous amount to do yet. On the plus side I've nearly crashed an exercise bike so there’s something for the memoirs.

Having had the first 100k under my belt I've got all giddy and signed up for several more including the over the malverns and the white rose classic. I have to admit seeing the pictures after signing up I may have had a sense of trepidation if I'd known what I was getting into but lets face it if I can't do that then I there’s no point in boarding the TDM Chick Plough bound for France.

Looking forward to getting the Tour De Mecredi convoy up and running this year. Ironically after all the training I will still be at the back. Rubbish!!!

Ah well in the immortal words of Micheal Ironside in Starship Troopers "Everybody fights, Nobody quits!"

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